Coach Randy has an infectious energy that motivates his clients toward reaching and even pushing through their fitness goals. He has a growing health business that focuses on providing clients with proper nutrition, healthy habits and a booming support community that produces real life changing results when it comes to losing the weight and start living a healthy, active lifestyle. The only problem? He didn't have a visual identity that matched his energy and life changing services that would attract more potential clients and excite his current RPF community.
Logo Design
Coach Randy was looking for a monogram type logo that represented the first and last initials of his name. During the brief, he expressed that it needed to be athletic, clean and evoke a feeling of action and precision. The red accent color needed to be the right hue. Red can evoke action, but if it is too deep, it can represent aggression–too light, and it loses impact. The RPF red #EF4030 that we came up with seem to embody energy + action. 
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