I'm Josh.
A passionate visual designer and freelancer. For the last seven years, I have been designing part-time, working with small businesses, bloggers, non-profs, and passion projects, creating logos, visual branding, web graphics, apparel, and poster designs (while also managing full-time the U.S. Coast Guard’s only recruiting office in NYC). After a rewarding career in the Coast Guard in 2022, I departed to pursue my design career full-time. I am Open to all opportunities, whether freelance, contract, or in-house; I am always looking to explore new creative projects. For me, the most incredible feeling in the world is nailing a design that my clients love, that will resonate with their audience and, more importantly, allow themselves and their business to thrive! I aim to provide a unique collaborative experience and produce the highest quality design work for my clients. 
I'm located in southern Mass with my wife, Danielle, and our crazy dogs, Declan and Harper. When I am not designing, I enjoy working out, Yoga, Surfing, and somewhat managing my coffee addiction. Thank You for stopping by, and head over to my contact page if you want to connect!
Why Yodel?
Joshua DelVecchio Design Co. is a little wordy, no? The word yodel, comes from the German word, jodel. I think of it as a fun play on my first and last name, while also paying homage to my German roots. Being a form of communication between villages and herders long ago, not only in the Alps, but all over the world, this style of communicating and singing can be traced back thousands of years ago! Essentially, it is a timeless form of communication.
That is what a good logo and brand design should be: timeless, and communicate something. As your brand builds equity, it can communicate the quality, value or impact that you deliver to your audience. I strive to accomplish this in every approach toward a design: to communicate a message, feeling or emotion with a specific audience that best represents your business or entity.
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